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Corporate Profile

Shine (Shanghai) optics technology Co.Ltd. is a technical enterprise, specializing in research & development, manufacturing, distribution and sales of high precision optical elements. Our products include laser disc mastering glass, optical glass elements, etc. Mastering glass substrate models include the series of VCD & DVD substrates, and full range of models with specifications available. Our optical glass elements are various and widely applied, the band covering the entire wavelength range from ultraviolet to far infrared.

Shine (Shanghai) optics technology Co.Ltd. has advanced optical plane parts processing equipment and testing equipment. Over 80% of products are exported.

Our mission is ‘With quality to survive, with fine to innovate’. Based on our serious and rigorous professional spirit, combined with the market and customers’ demands, through more comprehensive service, we provide customers with high quality products.

We warmly look forward to strengthening cooperation with all customers. With constantly developing new technologies and products, we keep improving our service. We have faith in ourselves becoming your quality supplier.

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